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Meet Elizabeth!

Hi! I'm Elizabeth. I am an elementary music teacher, Mommy to twin girls, world traveler, and lover of crafty and organizational things. Welcome to my blog!


I am a single mother to twin girls born in January 2012. They are absolutely the loves of my life, and I love being a mom! I'm not going to make it all sound like puppy dogs and rainbows- I will tell you flat-out that my first year of motherhood was pure agony in many ways- but wow, there is just no way to explain how much I love those girls. They constantly amaze me with how much they are learning, growing, and changing, and I am passionate about being the best mother I can possibly be for them.


In the course of my teaching career I have taught general music classes to ages ranging from preschool to 8th grade. I have taught in Asia and the United States, public and private, British and American curricula, in classrooms in the basement and on the third floor. In my current position I teach K-6 general music, 3-4 grade choir, 5-6 grade choir, a step group, and a percussion ensemble. My first love is children, my second is teaching, and my third is music. I have training in Orff, Kodaly, Dalcroze, and Suzuki methods, and I like to take the best of each to put into my classroom. My primary goal is to help students discover their own unique way to enjoy music, deep in the core of their being. I believe that everyone has a place in the world of music where they can excel and flourish, and my job is to help students find theirs, and celebrate others' as well.


I am a United States citizen, but grew up primarily in Japan (with a year in Scotland thrown in for good measure). I went to Japanese public schools, surrounded by only native Japanese people in a small, almost-rural community. Japanese is still my heart language and my thinking, behaviors, beliefs, and world views are dramatically shaped by the Japanese culture. When it came time to student teach for my undergraduate program, I headed to Seoul, South Korea. I loved it so much I ended up turning right back around and going back after graduation, and continued teaching in international schools (mostly American schools) for 6 years. In 2012 I moved to Connecticut, where I am now living close to my family.


This aspect of my personality can be best summed up in my famous Christmas cookie decorating abilities. Since I was a child, I have always loved decorating Christmas cookies. I spend hours piping on details with icing, picking out specific colors of tiny sprinkles, and making everything look nice and neat. I love it! This love of art and organization has carried over into my adult life, and I am constantly coming up with new projects to do at home and at school.

Blogger/Teacher Author

I started my blog and TeachersPayTeachers store as a creative outlet, and I have loved every minute of it so much more than I ever imagined. I love blogging, which combines my passions of writing, teaching, curriculum design, artistic design, technology, and more.... pretty much it is everything I love rolled into one! :) And creating resources to share with other music teachers through my store has been a wonderful way to not only be creative but improve my own practice as a teacher and help some other teachers as well! I primarily design teacher planners, music composition resources, and world music lessons.

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  1. What a fascinating, wonderful, and talented person you are!

    1. Thank you! What a wonderful thing to say! :)

  2. Hi Elizabeth, I have stumbled upon your blog through Pinterest, particularly your post on jobs in the music classroom, which led to your color team system (ala Hogwarts Houses). I teach K - 5th grade general music from a cart. I travel from classroom to classroom with my Wenger teacher taxi. I can't wait to learn more from your blog. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful musings and ideas!

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting :) I tip my hat to you- teaching from a cart makes the already challenging job of music teaching about one bazillion times harder! I'm so glad you're here and hope to get to know you and learn from you through this online community!