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Saturday, September 30, 2017

September Favorites 2017

So guys, don't tell it I said this, but I think September might be crazy. Like actually insane.

Anyone else feel like they've just survived a tornado?

Despite the craziness that is September, there were many little wonderful things I enjoyed this month, so this is a great chance for me to stop and reflect (and realize maybe September wasn't ALL bad)! I'd love to hear what you enjoyed this month- share your favorites in the comments section! And don't miss the SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT at the end of the post ;)

1. Curriculum display for Open House

This was kindof thrown together at the last minute, but I was really happy with the feedback I got on my display for Open House. For the last 2 years, I've been printing out our district scope and sequence, which lists all of the skills and concepts we cover in each grade, and displaying those. The problem was that for most parents, it was too much jargon, and didn't give them a picture of what their child would actually be doing on a day-to-day basis in music class.

This year I took my monthly outlines and translated them into more common vocabulary, listing the top 3-4 things we would be covering each month, for each grade. It wasn't all that pretty, but a lot of parents told me it was very helpful and exactly what they wanted to know!

2. Minion circles

My students are starting to get into a routine with our circles, and the minion doll has been the perfect "talking piece" for my classroom. Read more about circles here: they have been a simple but powerful behavior management tool.

3. Fall

I have never really enjoyed hot weather, so fall is always a welcome season. Unfortunately fall weather has been slow to arrive this year, but I have enjoyed the glimpses we've had, and I am totally in love with all the #fallthings we've been able to enjoy already: homemade chai (here's my recipe), apple picking, and more to come! If you missed it, here's my simple and fun fall bucket list for my family - I can't wait to enjoy the rest of the items on our list :)

4. October planner spread

Related to the last point, but I am honestly just in love with how my October calendar came out! It's just so peaceful and warm :) I used label stickers from Target, washi tape from Michaels, and stickers from one of the new Happy Planner sticker memory planning sticker books. It just screams "fall" to me and I smile every time I look at it!

5. Blog posts

Every Friday I share a favorite blog post on my Facebook page, and I found some really great ones this month! Click on the pictures below to check out each one- I promise you won't regret it!

I want to hear from you!

One of my favorite parts of blogging/ sharing online is hearing from you, my readers. I learn new things, I feel inspired, and most of all, I am reminded of how not alone I really am in all of life's struggles big and small. I LOVE all of the comments, messages, and emails I get! I really do!

So today I'm asking you to share your questions with me. It can be anything you want: something you want to know about me, my background, or my life, a question about how I do something at school, at home, for my blog, etc.... anything you want to ask, I want to hear it! I'm going to be putting together my answers in an upcoming blog post, so leave your questions in the comments below!

I think that does it for my September favorites. What have you been up to this month? What questions do you have for me? I'd love to hear from you in the comments! Make sure you stay in touch by signing up for the Organized Chaos Newsletter right here!

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  1. Hey Elizabeth! It’s actually Leah Riggs not Anna, our joint email is in her name. Anyway, sept. Has really flown by! This year I was hoping to go in to school less on weekends...that hasn’t happened. I still feel behind and I have had to go in one full workday (at least) on weekends since school started. So here’s a question for you: do you work at school on weekends? I wish I didn’t, but I don’t see any other way.