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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Current Musicians of Color for Black History Month and Beyond (Part 2)

In celebration of Black History Month, I'm sharing more current musicians of color that I like to use in my classroom. These are artists who are currently active and have school-appropriate music- in fact many of these artists have created music specifically for the classroom. These are also lesser-known artists who you may not have heard of before- I hope you'll find a new song or artist to share with your students this month and all year long.

My goal in including these songs and artists in my lessons is to provide students with more role models, and to "normalize" musicians of color. If the only time students see people of color represented in the classroom is in February, or only when you talk about Jazz or spirituals, it limits their understanding of the contributions people of color have made to the world of music, and the contributions that they themselves can make.

1. Desmond Dennis

2. Resound

3. Asia Monet

4. Griot B

5. Ms. Niki

6. Black Violin

7. Our Native Daughters/ Rhiannon Giddens

I know there are plenty of other musicians that could be mentioned here, particularly more well-known ones, but my hope is to share some artists you may not have heard of before. I'd love to hear what other names you would add to the list- share them in the comments below! If you want to see more musicians that I shared last year for Black History Month, here is that post:

To read more about how we can all better respect, reflect, and respond to students of color in our music classrooms all year long, check out these posts:

Although Black History Month is a great opportunity to focus our attention on better representing people of color in our classrooms, it's important for this not to be a one-month change but rather be the impetus for lasting improvement! 


  1. These are great! I added Jon Batiste, Nandi Bushell, and the String Queens to my list this year!

    1. Yes! Love Jon Batiste and String Queens, and oh my goodness I didn't know about Nandi Bushell, thank you for sharing!