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Sunday, March 1, 2020

February Favorites 2020

Even with the extra day this year, February flew by! It was also a challenging month, in many ways, so I'm honestly a little relieved to be turning the page to a new month. Regardless of how your February has been, I hope you find some fresh inspiration as we look back together on my highlights from last month!

1. Hip-Hop Unit

This is my second year collaborating with a local hip-hop artist to teach my 6th graders about hip-hop and work with them to create and record their own song. Having done it once before, we were able to make some significant changes to how we teach the unit, and it was even more successful than it was last year! The best part was seeing, once again, students taking leadership in the classroom who normally don't, and those who normally have all the answers being put in a position of uncertainty. I don't have any pictures to share but I hope to be able to share the unit plans sometime so that other music teachers can implement it in their own classrooms in the future. 

2. Black History Month

In my classroom, we recognized BHM by listening to songs by different Black artists and discussing them for our warm-ups at the beginning of class. It was so fun seeing kids' faces light up within the first few notes of Aretha Franklin or Black Violin! In the world of Organized Chaos, I decided to feature Black music education accounts in my Instagram stories this month. There are some fantastic accounts that don't have nearly the following they should! If you missed them, be sure to go to my highlights in my profile and click on "BHM to follow" to see all the accounts I featured this month.

3. Blog Posts

Here are the music education posts I found this month from other authors- it is always so inspiring to read what others are sharing and learn from other music educators! Be sure to click through and read each post if you haven't already:

Where did you find inspiration this month? What are you most looking forward to in the month ahead? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Happy Music In Our Schools Month! 

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