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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Dance Playlist 2020

I love finding upbeat, school-appropriate, modern songs to use in my music classes for dance parties, slideshows, field day, and general merriment, and this year this feels especially important to share. I've been creating playlists on YouTube to share with my students during this time of distance learning to encourage them to dance and sing along with everyone in their household. It's a great way to encourage musicking and lift everyone's mood, and there are some easy ways to use it as an opportunity to review and practice music concepts (more on that another day). Here are my new picks for this year- be sure to check out my posts from previous years to find more awesome music my students and I love linked at the end of this post.

To make it easier to find all my dance party playlist songs in one place, I've put together a YouTube playlist with all of the songs from all of my previous year's lists including this one! Here's the link to the playlist.

If you've missed my playlists from previous years you can see those posts below! Happy dancing :)


  1. What a FUN playlist!! Thank you!! Yes, appropriate songs can be a
    big issue when we want to experience various genres!! Thank you!

    1. Glad it can help you! My students all love these :)

  2. Hey! Just a note. The Be Nice (I used a modified version for our first assembly in 2019) has a reference to gang-bangers, Cripps, Bloods. My principal would have killed me if the kids had heard it. So I made sure to stop the song before Snoop got started. Your schools may not care about the reference, but mine REALLY does.