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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

August Favorites 2020

Well that went fast. I truly feel like August just started a couple of weeks ago- where did the time go?!? I'm still going full speed preparing for the start of a school year for the books. Here's a look back at just a small snippet of what this month was like for me.

1. Back to School

This photo is more than a little depressing, honestly, because this it not at all what I've spent years building my classroom to look like- my room is being used for extra cohorts of students and I'm on a cart. But I'm still going to call my first week officially back working in the building a highlight! Students won't start for a couple more weeks but there was a certain sense of return to normalcy just being back in my space doing school things in a physical school building. Teacher work days have been overwhelming to say the least, but I do feel like we're starting to make sense of what we're doing, and I have hope that we're going to figure this out and get through this together!

2. Weekly Planner

I've been getting a lot of joy from decorating my planner pages lately- it is such a good hobby for me when life gets stressful because I get to be creative and colorful while also taking time to organize and think through the week ahead! I'm sticking with the 1-page calendar from the business section of my planner until the students start back, and I'm really enjoying the layout I've settled into over the summer! 

3. Creativity from Boredom

This summer, especially the month of August, I've been pulled away from time with my daughters for Zoom meetings, phone calls, and emails much more than normal, and I've naturally gone through a lot of mom guilt dealing with that reality. But it has also given the girls the time to get bored and come up with some creative imaginative play, and that has been so wonderful to watch! One favorite has been setting up a restaurant in the yard, serving "food" put together with whatever they can pick up off the ground. I often come out of a meeting to find a multi-course meal waiting for me :)

4. Articles I Read

I always love sharing some of my favorite articles from other bloggers that I read this month- click on the pictures below to read each one, they are all super useful! 

And with that, it's straight into September we go! 

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