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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

More Contemporary Instrumentalists of Color

One of the easiest ways to better reflect minoritized people in the music room is to include examples of people of color in our everyday lessons. About a year ago I shared some contemporary instrumentalists of color I like to feature in my lessons when I am introducing instruments of the orchestra, and today I'm sharing some more musicians on instruments I didn't cover in that post (so be sure to check out the original post after you read this one for more examples to use!). It's important to me to share currently active musicians specifically, and share examples that showcase a range of genres as well. I want to inspire my students to want to explore these instruments further, and these examples make them so much more relevant to a wider range of students!

oboe- Bernice Lee

guitar- Meliani Siti Sumartini

vibraphone- Justin Vibes

classroom instruments- Aaron Grooves

euphonium- Hiram Diaz

bassoon- Daniel Matsukawa

I hope you'll incorporate some of these into your lessons the next time you are introducing students to a new instrument! Don't forget to see my first post for more instruments, and if you know other great contemporary instrumentalists of color, please share them in the comments! I decided to limit myself to one example per instrument, which was so hard because there are so many great instrumentalists out there!