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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Valentine's Elementary Music Lessons

I'm not big on themes for my elementary music lessons because I'm so focused on concepts and skill development when I'm writing my plans, but every now and then I have enough of my wits about me to tie in something seasonal to whatever concepts we're working on. Over the years I've found a few lessons that tie into Valentine's Day for early childhood and primary grades that I love- here are my favorites!

All of these are admittedly Valentine's-adjacent more than specific to the holiday, but they definitely tie into the holiday theme in fun, playful ways. All of the full directions for how I incorporate these in my lessons, as well as the visuals and materials for the games, are in my February curriculum set.

1. Heel Toe On the Line

This is one of those songs I heard other music teachers mention as a favorite for years before I ever tried it, and then kicked myself for not starting sooner! My Kindergarten and 1st grade students love this song and game. I don't really have any specific concepts or skills I teach with it (*gasp*) BUT it's a great introduction to circle games and folk dancing movements which helps them when we are working on more complicated ones later on! I use the words, "won't you be a friend of mine" instead of "will you be my Valentine".

2. A Tisket A Tasket

This is a favorite for my concept-based-plan-loving teacher soul, because it's such a great way to review notation! I put little cards with different rhythm or solfege patterns in an envelope for students to drop as they go around the circle, and the person who picks it up takes out a card and reads it before they can go around the circle to drop the envelope in the next round. 

3. Skipping Rope Song

You can't tell from the title but this song is about getting letters in the mail- I do a similar game to "A Tisket A Tasket" but I put cards with individual notes on them inside a little mailbox (I picked one up at the Target Dollar Spot a few years ago) and at the end when it says "one letter two letters three letters four" one student pulls out 4 cards, makes them into a 4-beat pattern, and then performs it.

4. Pizza Daddy-O

My 2nd graders love this song, and it's a great way to get them leading a call and response song with solo singing, and review mi, sol, and la!

I hope this gives you some ideas if you're looking for ways to tie in the holiday without making anyone squeamish about the "lovey dovey stuff"! Don't forget this is also a great time of year to think about Lunar New Year and Black History Month, if you are a more thematic lesson planner- ideas for those are in the posts linked below. And take a look at my February curriculum if you're looking for more lesson ideas for the whole month, K-6! 


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