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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Frog Theme Elementary Music Lessons

This year I discovered several new songs from around the world about frogs that are perfect for teaching a variety of concepts and very accessible for lower elementary and early childhood music, and the students and I have loved them! If you're looking for a fun theme to build lessons around, frogs are such a fun one for this age, or if you only have time for one or two lessons these are all sure-fire hits!

All of these lessons can be done as stand-alone lessons to tie in with skills and concepts you're teaching, or put together to create a fun frog-themed unit that hits lots of different skills and concepts that are foundational for lower elementary grades! For each one I've listed the main skills and concepts I teach with them, with a link to the full blog post that details the lesson activities I use as well as more background information.

1. Små Grodorna from Sweden

-Form/ A and B sections

-Duple meter

-Folk dance

2. El Coquí from Puerto Rico

-Triple Meter

-Instrumental ostinati

3. かえるの合唱 (Kaeru no Uta) from Japan

-Canon singing

-Triple meter

-Instrumental accompaniment

4. Froggy Gets Dressed book

-Classroom instrument playing techniques

-Using timbre to tell a story

-Playing on cue

We have so much fun with all of these and they are really effective for teaching! Do you have more frog themed music lesson activities or songs you love? I'd love to hear more to add to my list in the comments below!

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