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Lesson Planning Made Awesome!

Lesson planning can be very complicated and maddening for general music teachers. There are so many different (yet valid) ideas on which concepts are most important to teach, what concepts to teach in which grade, and how to teach those concepts. Then there's the whole problem of trying to juggle so many different grade levels' lesson plans at once, and how to keep track of all of those plans once you've made them. How do you keep track of that awesome lesson once you've taught it so you don't forget it next year? 

I'm a little weird. Actually I'm weird in a lot of different ways but let's just focus on one aspect of my weirdness right now: I LOVE lesson planning. Yep. Ever since my student teaching days, lesson planning, in all its forms, has been one of my passions.

That's why I'm so excited to share this free email series with you! 

Do you struggle with:

  • Figuring out what to teach when
  • Finding lessons to teach the concepts and skills you want to cover
  • Recording your lesson plans efficiently and effectively so you don't have to re-invent the wheel every year?

This email series includes:

  • Five emails sent straight to your inbox, each one focused on one particular aspect of lesson planning: 
    • Scope and sequence
    • Year-long plans
    • Lesson ideas to teach each concept
    • Efficient and effective weekly lesson planning
    • Pulling it all together
  • Step-by-step directions, tips, and strategies for each aspect of lesson planning
  • A free download in each email to help you get started with each aspect

Are you ready to take your lesson planning to the next level and make your teaching even more effective for the students you serve? 

Sign up below and check your inbox for the first email (check your "spam" folder if it doesn't show up), and let's get started making lesson planning more awesome!

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