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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October Small Goals

Today I'm linking up with Jennifer from The Yellow Brick Road to share my small goals for October. Check out the linky, by clicking on the image below, to see all of the other bloggers who have shared their goals for the month- you may even be inspired to set some goals of your own! ;)

1. Break out the soups!

I am going to try to enjoy fall again this year.... I'm determined. I say this because, for the first time in my life, I'm not feeling the joy right now. All I can think about is how close winter is and it makes me grumpy. You have to understand that I have always been a die-hard cold weather fan, so this is all new to me, but between the scary driving up the steep hill to my apartment in the middle of blizzards, shoveling out my car a bajillion times, and everyone getting sick, last winter officially made me a cynic. I'm hoping that if I start breaking out my favorite soups, curries, stews, and chili's, I will maybe be able to revive some of the joy of my youth?!? Hrumph.

2. Figure out that last song for our winter concert

Last year our district got a new superintendent, and he turned out to be a music-lover! My principal and I got him to come and play with my 5th and 6th grade choir at our winter concert and it was a ton of fun. Now I have invited him back and he has graciously agreed, but I haven't found a song I like to collaborate with him on! Anybody got some suggestions?? He loved the Beatles song I picked out last year, so something from that era would be good, but not necessarily. It definitely needs to be upbeat, though, to fill out our program. I am just stuck but I need to start rehearsing the song this week or we are sunk! 

3. Experiment with my new planner stamps

OK so this is probably my most exciting goal. I recently got some little icon stamps to use in my planner and I am in love! Right now I am using them with the DIY planner stickers and I already love them but I want to play around some more with the ink and maybe try stamping directly into the planner? I can't decide but I can't wait to experiment and see what happens! :)

Don't forget to check out the linky to see everyone else's goal posts! Happy October everyone!


  1. I. LOVE. SOUP. It is one of the best things about fall. My current fave is Pacific's tomato and roasted red pepper soup. I think I found it originally in the organics section. I don't even like tomato soup, but this stuff is amazing. As for songs, the only thing coming to my mind is Hazy Shade of Winter by Simon and Garfunkel, but that's probably not what you're looking for ;)

    1. Oh, I'm not a huge tomato soup fan either but I might have to give that one a try! There's something so comforting about a delicious bowl of soup... mmm...