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Monday, February 27, 2017

Rainbow Party Ideas

As many of you know I'm a big fan of rainbows, so when my daughters decided on a rainbow theme for their latest birthday party I was pretty excited! There are lots of great reasons to throw a rainbow party, no matter your age, gender, or occasion, so find an excuse and party on! Just seeing the rainbow colors all over the house kept me happy all day :)

Let's start with the cake. The original idea came from this video, which gave us the idea to bake 2 round cakes, cut them in half, and set them up on their side to create a rainbow. Somehow my daughter got the idea that rather than putting M&M's inside the cake, she wanted to use them on the outside to form the rainbow. She also declared that the rest of the cake should be pink. The clouds, of course, are marshmallows. I was so happy with how it turned out, but it really isn't that complicated to make!

For the decorations, we didn't do much. We hung a few rainbow-colored banners around the house, and we left up the rainbow colored string lights from Christmas. The only thing we made was these giant pom poms, which we hung around the food table. These are your standard tissue paper pom poms- you can see how they're made (and get tons more rainbow party ideas!) in this video. It was super cheap too- the Dollar Tree has packs of rainbow colored tissue paper for a dollar (although for some reason there is no orange in the packs....)!

The food was the best part, and super easy to pull together too! We had 3 main trays of rainbow food: fruit, veggies, and savory. We used strawberries, clementines, pineapple, green grapes, and blueberries for the fruits, cherry tomatoes, carrots, yellow bell pepper, cucumber, and purple potatoes for the veggies, and pepperoni slices, orange and yellow cheese squares, and green and purple tortilla chips for the savory (with ketchup and salsa for dipping the potatoes and chips on the side). We also put out the rest of the M&M's and marshmallows leftover from the cake (arranged by color of course!), and red, orange, and yellow juice boxes (the girls wanted every color of the rainbow for juice boxes, but that was where I drew the line). I could eat like this every day!

We had a few low-key activities, including some rainbow coloring pages, set out for the kids. The favorite was an activity and snack in one: fruit loop necklaces! The girls and I spent one evening sorting out a box of fruit loops into colors so that we could set them out in separate bowls, and my mom found rainbow colored twine to use to make the necklaces. We stuck a piece of tape on the end so that the fruit loops would stay while everyone strung their necklaces. 

The only really "organized activity" we planned was the rainbow scavenger hunt. My girls are still begging to play that game any time we're stuck inside! To read more about the game (and get the printable I used for the game cards) check out this post:

I hope you found some ideas to inspire your next rainbow party! Hey, St. Patrick's Day is coming up... ;)

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