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Sunday, April 30, 2017

April Favorites 2017

April is a special month because it holds my birthday! I also had my spring break in April this year, so overall it was a fun month. I'm sharing some of my latest favorites from the past month below- I hope you'll share some of your favorites in the comments as well! It's fun to celebrate the small joys in life together, especially at this time of year when things tend to get a little hectic!

1. Birthday love

I had such a lovely birthday this year! So many wonderful, thoughtful gifts, a whole day with my family hanging out, making crafts together, and eating yummy food (including that delicious birthday cake you see above)... it was really special :)

2. Kid art

I've said this before but I love this age! My daughters are 5 right now and their artwork and creations just blow me away. On the left is a painting one of the girls made at school, and on the right is an epic public part scene that the girls and I put together with legos. So much fun!

3. Spring flowers

Having grown up in Japan, I always associate this time of year with sakura. This year did not disappoint! I got to see some wonderful cherry blossoms this year, and lots of other trees around here are blooming too. Ah, spring! :)

4. Blog posts

I search every week for new blog posts to share with you from around the internet, and I was so happy to find these this month! Click on the picture to go read each post- you're sure to learn something new, and you may even find a new site to follow!

So much to love this month! :) I hope you found some new favorites- now it's your turn! Share your favorites, whether it's a memory, lesson idea, craft supply, recipe, or anything in between, in the comments below. Share the love! Happy-Almost-May everyone!

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