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Monday, April 29, 2019

April Favorites 2019

April is always a fun one with spring break, birthday, and some of my favorite lessons to teach- here are some of my highlights from this past month!

1. Spring Break

Normally I choose one picture from my Instagram feed to represent each of my highlights but I couldn't pick for this one so here's three! ;)

My daughters and I had so much fun visiting my grandparents and extended family in California for spring break. We've never traveled anywhere over spring break before because I'm usually in full-on get-ready-for-all-the-events mode at this point, but it was great to put some things on pause for a week, take life a little more slowly, and soak up some sunshine. Most importantly, it has been a while since we've seen my grandparents so it was really special to have that extra time with them!

2. Birthdays and Cherry Blossoms

One of the best parts of having an April birthday for me as always been the sakura. If you don't know, I grew up mostly in Japan, so going to see the cherry blossoms has always been a very important event each spring, and they often bloom right around my birthday! I'm not living in Japan right now but luckily we have some sakura right here in Connecticut that I try to visit each year.

I was well-loved for my birthday this year and because we were traveling the day of my actual birthday I got to stretch out the festivities a good bit this year- bonus! The wintertime can often be tough on the emotions and sometimes as a single parent and lone music teacher in a building that combination can lead to some deep loneliness. Being reminded of all the amazing friends and loving family members I have surrounding me is the best part of my birthday, let me tell you! I was especially grateful for the deepening friendships I have begun to build here in CT, and the old friends that I haven't been the best about keeping in touch with who continue to be so committed to our relationship.

3. Literature Lessons

I've been able to try out several new books with my kindergarten classes this spring and it has been so much fun! I've loved sharing these lesson ideas on the blog this month, so if you haven't yet I'd encourage you to catch up on these- they are all perfect for the end of the school year as well if you need some fresh ideas to keep you and your students engaged when you're all feeling DONE.

4. Music Education Articles

I always love reading and learning from the insights of so many other fantastic music teacher authors. If you don't already, be sure to follow me on Facebook- I share new articles I find each Friday over there! Here are the ones I shared this month if you need to catch up :)

I hope you found some inspiration and fresh ideas to motivate you for the month ahead- May can get pretty busy so I think we can all use a little time to reflect on the highlights from our lives :) If you want to stay up to date on everything Organized Chaos, be sure to sign up here for the email newsletter.

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