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Monday, April 1, 2019

March Favorites 2019

This month was full of fun and music- I can't wait to share my highlights! Music In Our Schools Month has always been one of my favorite months of the year but each year of teaching I feel like it gets better and better, and this year was no exception.

1. Musical March Madness Bracket

The idea itself is not new- I've seen plenty of other music teachers do this in the past- but this was my first year setting up a bracket myself and OH MY GOODNESS I loved it. The whole school loved it. Our speaker system in our building is pretty terrible so rather than playing the songs over the speakers on the announcements the homeroom teachers actually played the songs in their own rooms, and while I usually hesitate to give other teachers any additional work to do for the music program in this case they agreed it was better this way (yay colleagues) and the feedback from them was amazing! If you haven't tried this before yourself, I encourage you to give it a go. Here's my post on how I did it and which songs I used.

2. Daughters' Projects

My daughters are 7 right now and I think they each have about 4 craft projects going right now. I love their creative energy (although I'm not a huge fan of having all these materials sitting around the house waiting to get done)! One of my personal favorites was a series of posters one of my daughters made for our front door. Such a great visual to come home to each day!

3. Hip Hop Unit

I don't have a photo for this one but I have to include it because it has been a long but meaningful journey: I completed my first ever hip hop composition unit with my 6th grade classes. The final songs they created were great, but more than that the process of incorporating the genre more deliberately into my curriculum has been eye-opening for all of us. I already have a million things I want to do differently next time, but I am happy to have taken that first step.

4. Music Education Blog Posts

It's always so inspiring to see the amazing resources other teachers are creating- here are some favorites from the past month. Click on each photo to see the full article.

What were some of your highlights from the past month? Share your favorite stories in the comments below so we can celebrate together! Want to see more favorites? All of my photos are taken directly from my Instagram, so follow me there to see more highlights more regularly. Want to keep up on all my great blog finds? I share those weekly on my Facebook page!

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