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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

May Highlights 2021

I'm actually surprised at how quickly May flew by this year considering how much more open my calendar was than a typical year, but here we are starting another month again! I still have several more weeks of school left because my district delayed the first day of school by a few weeks in the fall to give us more time to get ready, so we're still very much in the thick of things! Here are some of my highlights from this past month.

1. Gorgeous Weather

I'm going to sound like my mother now but goodness, sunshine really does make a difference. We've had some great weather this month here in Connecticut and I have definitely noticed the difference in my mood! I've already gotten some odd tan lines on my arms and legs from sitting out in the sun and I don't even care. 

2. Mother's Day

Mother's day can be a bummer when you're a single mom. So much of what is marketed or publicized as the best way to celebrate mother's day is to have the dad and kids take over your normal chores, which isn't really possible if the kids are young and there is no spouse. It sounds superficial but it's true. This year my daughters are 9 and they took the initiative to make breakfast by themselves, complete with a mother's day sign, make me very cute cards, and, with my dad's help, made a full lunch for me and for my mom as well. It was a great day!

3. Family Trip

My grandparents, who live on the West Coast, are not doing well. It has been hard to see their health deteriorate these last few months in particular, especially since we haven't been able to see them in over a year because of covid- my daughters and I were supposed to visit them a year ago but had to cancel the trip because it was right after everything shut down. My sister and I were able to go visit them for a weekend and I'm so grateful we got to see them! And it was wonderful to spend time with my sister without either of our kids, and visit other family members while we were there too. And traveling for the first time in over a year, while pretty stressful, was a great (literal) change of scenery!

4. Music Education Posts

I love finding content from other music education authors to share every Friday on Facebook and Pinterest- here are all the awesome posts I found this month! 

Whether you're finishing up this crazy school year or still in the thick of it, I hope you had moments to celebrate in May and that the new month is off to a good start! 

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