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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Cleaning Up the Covid Chaos

After a full school year teaching in a pandemic, I find myself looking around at all the aspects of my life now in disarray, wondering how I will ever pick up the pieces. Living through such stressful, constantly changing, and unforeseen circumstances forced me to narrow my focus, but now that the fog is clearing I'm realizing a big part of my recovery process will be cleaning up the chaos- putting things in order, literally and figuratively. 

Before we jump into thinking ahead to next school year, we need to take the time to acknowledge everything that we've just been through and take stock of where we are. I've decided I need to be intentional this summer in devoting the time and energy to each of these aspects of my life that are in desperate need of attention and re-imagining (click the picture to read each post):

self care (emotional, mental, and physical) and relationships (social life, family, students/ colleagues)

technology (organize files, archive google classrooms, etc)

lesson plans (save and organize the new ideas from this year that I want to keep, take a fresh look at my old plans)

physical space/ things (get stuff back where it belongs, pare down what I actually need, rethink my classroom organization, etc)

Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing more in-depth posts on each of these areas and how I am tackling them to take you along on this journey (those posts are now linked above!). I'm not saying I expect my life to be completely in order by the end of the summer, or that I'll be done processing and ready to move on before the first day of school, but I don't want to skip over this important step or sweep it under the rug! 

The first step is recognizing the areas that need attention. What areas do you see a need to address in your own life? I would love to hear any of your own thoughts and ideas in the comments, or send me a message, so we can help each other through this process. 

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