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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Top Ten Posts: 2021

What a journey this year has been, and definitely not what I expected the year to look like! It has once again been a year of learning together and building the plane as we fly with continuously changing platforms and protocols, trying to meet our students' emotional and learning needs while managing our own well-being, adapting to new technology, and so much more. I am grateful to have this platform through which I can connect with you, my colleagues! So which 2021 posts were the most-read? I was honestly surprised at the top post from the year, but it's very telling of the times we're in. Did your favorite post make the list?

10. Music Classroom Re-Organization Post Pandemic

9. General Music Skill Index

8. End of Year Lesson Ideas for Elementary Music (2021)

7. My Digital and Paper Hybrid Planning System

6. Dance Playlist 2021

5. General Music Concept Index

4. First Day of Music Lesson Ideas: 2021 edition

3. Black History Month in Elementary Music

2. Music In Our Schools Month 2021: "Sound of My Heart" Song Bracket

1. SEL-Focused Music Lessons

What posts from 2021 do you think should have made the top 10 but didn't? I was surprised to see the post on SEL at the top but honestly I'm proud of us as a profession for focusing on such an important topic for this year! And the issue has only become more and more pressing since I published the post almost a year ago, so if you missed it, I highly recommend taking some time to check it out now.

Thank you for being here and being part of the Organized Chaos community! We are leaning on each other like never before as we take on new challenges and support each other through some serious struggles, and I am so grateful for each of you. Happy New Year!

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