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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Setting Up Your MIOSM® Song Bracket in Google Slides®

I recently shared my plans for my 2023 Song Bracket for Music In Our Schools Month (MIOSM®). This has become one of my favorite school traditions and I can't wait to get started again in March! The last few years I have set up the audio files and voting process in Google Slides®, which has really improved the process for everyone, and today I'm sharing how I do that for anyone who would like to try it at their school as well.

When I first started the March Madness- style song bracket for MIOSM, I had the principal play snippets of each song on the morning announcements each day. In 2021 when we had a good portion of our students on zoom and we weren't doing morning announcements in the building, I switched to using slides to have students listen to the tracks and vote in their homerooms whenever the homeroom teacher wanted to do it each day, and it was so much better! Homeroom teachers could share their class' vote right in the slide instead of remembering to email me, and they could incorporate the listening into their day at the time that made the most sense for them. 

I've described my setup before but I know it can be hard to visualize how to actually do it without seeing it in action, so here is a video tutorial showing my setup for this year:

I hope this helps explain the process for anyone considering trying this out this year- I highly recommend it! Not only do the other teachers in the school not find it a burden, they actually look forward to it too and excitedly tell new teachers that join the building about how awesome it is. 

Please don't hesitate to ask in the comments below if you have any questions- if you missed it, here is my post where I shared my song list for 2023 along with copies of my slides templates for this year!


  1. Hi! Just wondering if you are considering offering your slides for this in your TPT store?

    1. Hi! You can actually get a copy of the templates for free in my blog post where I shared this year's song list :) Here's the link: