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Monday, July 21, 2014

Mommy Monday: it's the little things

If you're keeping track, this blog is aiming to share organizational ideas about both teaching and mothering/homemaking. So in an effort to keep myself on track, I've decided to implement "Mommy Mondays" for ideas about mothering/homemaking. That means the teaching ideas will be on- you guessed it- "Teacher Tuesdays". So here we go with our first-ever Mommy Monday post! Yay!

My previous post detailing my teacher/life planner was intense. Today I'm sharing an idea that is both small and simple:

Yep. That's my dryer. With a stain removing pen on it. As a mother of twin toddlers I deal with a lot of stains. There are so many times when I need to be able to rip off an article of clothing and frantically stab said clothing with a stain pen to try to get the grapefruit-sized blueberry juice stain out of a boutique dress from my grandmother before I have a panic attack (yes, this is a real story). I need that stain removing pen at the ready! Unfortunately my tiny stacking washer and dryer are in an equally tiny closet. There is no space for shelves or storage. And setting the pen on top of the washer was a pain- I never knew where to put it when I opened the lid to put in dirty clothes! I bought a set of pen holders with adhesive on the back for another project, but as soon as I got them home I knew where I was using this one. Even though the stain removing pen is thicker than a regular pen, it fits fine and has stayed there for over a year now with no problems.

And that's it for my first Mommy Monday. What are your favorite organizing tips for tiny laundry spaces?

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  1. Thanks! I think it's especially useful for small laundry spaces. Glad you stopped by :)