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Monday, December 8, 2014

Mommy Monday: 24 Christmas activities for 2-3 year old's

Last week I showed off my DIY advent calendar, which has a different activity for my not-quite-3-year-old twins and I to do together each day. Today I want to share those activities with you! Many of the crafts are ideas I got from other places- click on the item in the list below the graphic to go to those links and get a full description. Because I sometimes only see them for the morning get-out-the-door rush and then right before bed, many of the things I planned are ones that can be done in 5 minutes or less. On the days that I know I have more time, I planned more involved outings and activities. So here the are, not at all in the order we will be doing them:

1. Put up the Christmas tree
2. Hang a felt tree (I have one like this)
3. Pinecone Christmas tree craft 
4. Decorate the Christmas tree
5. Hang Christmas lights
6. Make Christmas cards
7. Go see a Christmas lights display
8. Bake sugar cookies
9. Decorate sugar cookies
10. Deliver cookies to friends
11. Gingerbread man craft 
12. Gingerbread houses (found some good tips to keep it simple here)
13. Visit Santa
14. Wrap Christmas presents
15. Call extended family to wish them Merry Christmas
16. Take family pictures
17. Get out the nativity set (I have this one which is great for this age)
18. Scribble on large paper to use to wrap presents
19. Hand print reindeer craft
20. Marshmallow snowmen (something like this picture)
21. Read a new Christmas book
22. Read a new Christmas book (yes, we are doing this twice!)
23. Stained glass ornament craft
24. Play with snow dough

P.S. Did you notice that several items are things that I have on my own to-do list anyway, like putting up decorations and wrapping presents? This way they get to be involved in the process, and it's one less thing for me to worry about. Cha-ching! :)

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