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Thursday, November 12, 2015

November Small Goals

I'm a little late, but today I'm linking up with Jennifer from The Yellow Brick Road to share my small goals for October. Check out the linky, by clicking on the image below, to see all of the other bloggers who have shared their goals for the month- you may even be inspired to set some goals of your own! ;)

First a look back at my goals for October! My goals were to 1) cook some soups, 2) figure out the last song for the winter concert, and 3) experiment with my new planner stamps. I actually did pretty well with these! Not only did I cook soups but I also introduced my daughters to a soup restaurant in town with which they are now obsessed. I figured out the last song for our concert and have managed to rope in the district fine arts department chair and my building principal to play with the superintendent as well, so it should be fun. And last but not least, I have loved playing with my new planner stamps. You can see them in action in my latest planner share post here.

So on with this month's goals!

1. Purge, pack, and try not to panic

So I am buying my first home, and we are moving out of our little apartment at the end of the month. As those of you who have purchased a home before will know, the paperwork for getting a loan is insane and it seems there is always something new that the underwriter wants before closing.... (also, side note, has anyone else noticed the similarity between the words "underwriter" and "undertaker"?) So I am mentally preparing myself for the possibility that we may not close by the date we had originally planned. HOWEVER, either way, I have already told the apartment complex we are moving out, so there's no way around that one! My goal for the rest of this month is to finish the packing/purging process and try to remain calm no matter what ends up happening with the rest of this moving process.

2. Survive report card writing and parent conferences

I think I am in pretty good company when I say that the paperwork and adult meeting aspects of teaching are among my least favorite parts of being a teacher. Report cards are due at the end of this week and then we have our marathon 4 days of half school, half conferences starting a week after that. My goal is to, again, remain calm and keep my mental sanity throughout this season.

3. Finish planning my Christmas presents

As some of you will recall, I started my holiday planning in July. Yes I did. I did it precisely because of the craziness of this time of year, which you can see reflected in my previous 2 goals. So a lot of my shopping (or plans to shop) are done, but I really need to get the rest of it finished so that once December hits, I can focus on enjoying the Advent season with my girls and not worrying about getting ready for the 25th.

Well I think that's it for this month! Make sure to click on the picture at the beginning of this post to go check out all the other goal posts that are linked up. What are your goals for November? I'd love to hear them in the comments below!


  1. Thanks for linking up. Congratulations on buying your first house! Oh, and I need to get to work on #3 as well. My husband and I just made out our list this week, so we're ready to shop :)

    1. The adults are doing "secret santa" for the 2nd year in a row, which makes things a lot simpler. Still, my life-long struggle is and always will be my children who, on top of being cute little human beings that make me want to buy all the things, have birthdays at the beginning of January. Oy....