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Monday, November 30, 2015

Mommy Monday: Christmas activities bucket list with preschoolers

Last week I shared my top tip for handling the holiday season: plan ahead for lots of little things to get you in the holiday spirit and spend time with your family without getting stressed and overwhelmed. I am going to be using my DIY advent calendar again that I made last year to put pieces of paper in showing the day's little activity. Today I wanted to share my list of activities for my almost-4-year-old girls and I to do each day this holiday season!

Here are our activities for this year:

1. bake sugar cookies
2. decorate sugar cookies
3. deliver cookies to friends
4. wrap presents
5. pick out presents
6. get out felt tree
7. get out big Christmas tree
8. decorate Christmas tree
9. hang Christmas lights
10. call family and friends
11. go see Christmas lights
12. make gingerbread house
13. make Christmas cards
14. hang stockings
15. mail Christmas cards
16. eat candy canes
17. get out Nativity sets
18. sing Christmas carols
19. visit Santa
20. read Christmas books
21. make marshmallow snowmen
22. make hand and footprint reindeer
23. take family photo
24. give presents to teachers

If you're interested, here is my list of activities from last year (when the girls were almost 3).

The key to success with this system is having everything planned and set up at the beginning of the month so there are no more errands and to-do's to kill your joy and stress you out. Here are all of the supplies I am preparing (buying/getting out of storage) so we can enjoy all of these activities!

1. sugar cookie dough
2. sprinkles/frosting for cookies (and gingerbread house)
3. gingerbread house kit
4. marshmallows
5. food pens
6. candy canes
7. felt Christmas tree
8. Christmas tree
9. Christmas lights
10. tree ornaments
11. wrapping paper/ribbon
12. Nativity sets
13. Christmas books
14. postage stamps

What are some of your favorite things to do during the holiday season? I'm very excited to get started tomorrow with my girls!

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