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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Plan With Me Sundays: November 2015

Can you believe it's November already? Time for another Plan With Me Sundays post! :)

I have been continuing with my weekly decorating and it has absolutely transformed my motivation to sit down and plan out my lessons for the week. I look forward to my "planner time" every week and, although I didn't think it was possible, I am even more in love with my planner now than I was before! Using other things besides just pens also makes it easier for me to see everything I need to get done and find what I need quickly too.

My latest addition to my decorating is stamping! I wrote before about making my own stickers for my planner:

I am still doing basically the same thing but instead of having to draw/write every icon on each sticker with a black pen, I now use tiny icon stamps on the colored stickers instead. I will do a separate post on those another day (cuz this post is already going to be long!) but you will notice the stamped icons in my weekly and monthly spreads below. I got my stamps from this etsy store- Rowena the store owner was lovely and I adore my stamps!!

OK, so first my November monthly spread:

It's pretty busy, but that's because November is busy! Writing most of my appointments and events on washi and stickers has become my go-to now (rather than writing directly onto the paper). Not only does it look pretty but I can easily move or remove them when plans change.

OK, onto the weekly spreads! I am going to just show you all of the pictures in order here, because I have pretty much settled on the process I like for my weekly spreads- I use washi tape, $1 sticker packs from Michael's, and stamps pretty much every week. I'm pretty happy with my system, although some weeks I like more than others.

I think the Halloween spread is my favorite. One thing I will say- the notes sections look blank in most of the spreads because I mostly use that space to hold sticky notes that move from week to week or into a holding place to reuse next year. And yes, I missed 3 days of school one week because the girls and I were taking turns being sick- it was awful but not unexpected- October is always bad health-wise (can I get an Amen?).

For those who are new to my planner, you can get a full tour of my planner system (a combination teacher lesson planner/home management binder/life planner/blog & TPT planner) in this video, read about how I set it up using the Arc system in this post, see all of the planners I've made in my store here, and catch up on all things planner here :)

I'll post close-up pictures of my stamped stickers, along with a more detailed explanation of what I use and how, in another post. For now: are any of you decorating or using new materials in your planner? I'd love to hear about it!

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