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Monday, October 31, 2016

Costume Wall Display: an invitation to play

Over the last few months I've shared bits and pieces of some updates I've recently made to what is now the play room down in our finished basement. Today I wanted to show you a quick update that I did to store and organize all of the dress up costumes that the girls have. I love how playful it looks, but I love how accessible it is for the girls, and how much the system itself encourages to use the clothes, even more!

The girls' dress up clothes have had various homes over the years. My goal has always to make sure the girls can reach them by themselves, but they haven't always been out in the most prominent places where they can inspire a new spark of imagination- mostly they've been hanging in a corner of their closet. Now that the girls are 4 (almost 5), they are pretending in their play ALL THE TIME! It is one of the best things about having two 4-year-olds around. I knew I needed to find a way to make the costumes more visible somewhere in the playroom so that they would get more use.

Enter some simple wall hooks from Home Depot! If I were fancy, I would have screwed the hooks into a piece of wood and then attached the wood to the wall. Unfortunately I am not that fancy and couldn't be bothered with the extra step. So instead I just screwed the hooks right into the wall! 

Now instead of hanging sideways, where you can barely tell what is there because each costume is sandwiched between the others, they hang longways, so you can see each costume separately. PLUS it adds some great color and fun to the wall- no need for artwork when you've got a Wall of Costumes! :) The girls have definitely been using them more now that they are right there with their other toys and prominently displayed. Hopefully organizing them this way will encourage more imaginative play for years to come!

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