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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Small Goals: December 2016

I love setting small goals for myself each month, and this month is a good one to slow down for a minute to get my priorities in order! I'm linking up with Jennifer from The Yellow Brick Road again this month to share my small goals for the month ahead. Click on the picture below to check out her small goals and see what everyone else is up to as well!

First a quick look back at last month's goals:

1. Get some Christmas shopping done
2. Survive report card writing and parent conferences
3. Make an update list for next year's teacher planners

How did I do? Well, I'm pretty much done with my Christmas shopping, so that's a plus :) I have a few more friends to buy a small gift for, but that's about it. Report cards and conferences were not my favorite thing but yes, I did survive, and I did make an update list for next year's planners, thanks to the awesome planner lovers in my Facebook group (here's the link if you want to join- we have lots of fun sharing ideas and answering questions about our planners!). 

Alrighty, on to this month's goals!

1. Enjoy our Advent activities with my daughters
I am having so much fun with our Christmas activities this year! Every year it gets more and more fun as the girls get older :) If you want to see what's on my list for this year (trust me, it's all simple stuff and most of it is stuff I would be doing anyway) here's my blog post on that, and if you want to see what we're up to each day, I've been sharing photos of our goings-on on Instagram :)

2. Have fun with my winter concert
I'm surprisingly feeling really good about my upcoming winter concert. I was really worried at the beginning of the school year that my choirs would not be able to handle the same level of music that I had done in the past, but these groups have surprised me every week and they are SO READY. I really hope the concert goes well, for their sake, because they have worked so hard for it! I'm actually feeling slightly ahead of the game with all of my concert preparations so my goal is to try to relax and just enjoy the music with my kids!

You know, I think I'm going to stop with just 2 goals this month. Better not get ahead of myself- I am a music teacher in the thick of December craziness after all! What are you up to this month? What are you hoping to focus on most this holiday season? I'd love to hear about your plans and thoughts in the comments below!

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