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Monday, December 26, 2016

Top Blog Posts 2016: lifestyle posts

As 2016 comes to a close, I wanted to take a minute to highlight some of my favorite blog posts that I wrote this past year. A lot has happened over the course of this year, and it was so much fun looking back on it all! Today I'm sharing my top 10 "lifestyle" posts from this year, including posts on parenting, home organization ideas, and other ideas for life outside of school and work. I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane with me, and maybe pick up some awesome ideas that you missed the first time! Click on each picture to visit the original post.

1. Co-Parenting / Divorce Planner

Little-known fact for most of my regular readers: this post where I shared my divorce/ co-parenting planner as a free download is by far my most popular post of all time. The idea that others finding themselves in this difficult circumstance are benefitting from this planner is one of the most fulfilling results of this whole blogging thing for me! If you or someone you know is going through divorce or co-parenting, I hope you'll take a look at it. I'm hoping to make some updates to the planner next year as well.

2. Music as a Parenting Tool

As an equal-parts-mommy-and-music-teacher-blogger, I'm surprised it took me this long to write a post on using music as a parent, but I finally did it (and I'm glad I did).

3. Meal Planning Organizers

I stepped up my meal planning game this school year and it is the Best Thing Ever. If you're looking for some organizational strategies to help make home life a little less crazy, I highly recommend taking a look at meal planning!

4. DIY Wall Decals

This was a fun summer project that came from one of those, "why didn't I think of that sooner?" ideas, and my daughters and I continue to enjoy them every day! It has ended up being a great way for the girls to express themselves and personalize their bedroom without breaking the bank (or damaging any walls)!

5. Gratitude Wall

Speaking of walls, this was another project but for my own bedroom, and I love it! Besides being really fun decor, it is an awesome reminder each day of those little things (and little people) that I have to be grateful for.

6. Dance Playlist

This was another post that combined my music teaching and parenting hats, and is probably the post I have referred back to the most myself since I published it- having all of these fun, clean, upbeat songs together in one spot has saved me on many occasions both at home and in the classroom!

7. Preschooler Closet Organization

The girls' closet has been updated slightly since this post, but the organizational structure has stayed the same and we all love it. Such an easy way for them to keep up with their own clothes as preschoolers!

8. Divorce Ring

To be honest, I was surprised at how much positive response I got from this post, but it was wonderful to hear. This ring is so special to me and I hope it inspires others to do something similar!

9. Preschoolers in the Kitchen

Any time I tell people that my 4-year-old daughters are responsible for dinner once a week, the response is usually either shock or laughter (or both). I love watching the girls take on more and more responsibility in the house, and the kitchen has been a great way for them to do that!

10. Family Chore Chart

Another one of those "why didn't I think of this sooner?" ideas- our family chore chart. Now that I've realized the benefits of putting myself on the chore chart along with the kids, I'll never go back to a traditional chore chart with only the kids!

Well, those are my picks for my top 10 home / parenting / lifestyle posts of 2016. Did you favorites make the list? Did you find a new favorite that you missed the first time around? What do you want me to write about next? Leave a comment- I love hearing from you! I hope you are all enjoying your holiday break, and I look forward to another year with you all! Thanks for reading!

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