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Saturday, December 31, 2016

December Favorites 2016

Now that December is almost over (can you believe it?!?), I'm back to chat with you about some of the things I've been especially enjoying this month. It's always fun to take a minute to look back on all of my favorites each month and celebrate the little joys that I've enjoyed!

1. Advent activities

Christmas just gets better and better every year as my daughters get older. This year they are about to turn 5 and we had so much fun with the advent calendar I started using 3 years ago! If you want to read about how I made the advent calendar itself, click on the picture below. To see a list of the little activities I planned for each day of the month leading up to Christmas, read this post (it's all simple little things that you would normally do anyway- if you've never tried it with your family, save the idea somewhere for next year!).

2. New planner goodies

Michaels is really going all-out with planner stuff this year and it has been very hard to restrain myself from buying the whole aisle! This last time I picked up some new stamps (I use them to make my own icon stickers- here's my tutorial) and I love them! I've been looking for an airplane to show travel information and a doctor icon for appointments for a while now, and this set has both. I also got inspired and made myself a new tool for my planner out of an old promotional card- I'm hoping to do a video or blog post explaining how I use it soon, because I'm pretty proud of myself ;)

3. Easy readers

I got a few books for my girls, who are just learning how to read, for Christmas this year. It's hard to find books for the very earliest of readers that they can actually read on their own, but these have been a big hit! You should have seen the smiles when they finished reading the whole book by themselves!!

4. Blog posts

I find some more amazing blog posts this month! I share my favorite finds every Friday on my Facebook page if you want to catch them each week! Be sure to check out each post below by clicking on the pictures. They are all great reads.

I hope you enjoyed this month's post! What things did you enjoy most this month? I'd love to hear from you- leave a comment!

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