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Monday, March 12, 2018

Planner Quick Tip: snow days

I love having all of my home life plans, school plans, and even my lessons all written in one planner because it is so much easier to keep track of everything and make sure I'm balancing and juggling everything the way I want. But keeping everything in one place definitely forces me to keep my planner super-streamlined! After using the same basic planner setup for about 4 years now, I've picked up a few little tricks that make my planner work smarter. Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing some of my favorite little tips that I've discovered this year. I hope they make your planning more productive, simple, and fun!

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Today's tip is for snow days. Whenever there's a snow day, I like to mark it in my planner so that I can remember which lessons I missed and need to move to another day, and I can go back and see which classes I missed when we're making up those days at the end of the year. 

I've tried different ways of marking snow days in my planner over the years: I've tried drawing a line through the day's lessons in pen, covering the day with some washi tape, or writing SNOW DAY at the top of that day's lesson plans. There wasn't anything terrible about any of those methods, but I found the line and the tape made the page look extra messy and cluttered, and writing it in at the top of the day made it harder to find when I was going back to find those days later on.

This year I started using a simple trick: marking the day with a small snowflake sticker. 

Not only does it keep the page from looking cluttered and make it stand out enough to see when I'm flipping through the pages, but it's also much easier for me to mark when it comes up- I just grab a sticker and add it to the day. Done! If it's a delayed opening, I just draw a line from the sticker down through the lessons that were affected.

I'm hoping I won't be needing this tip any more this school year (although we did have two snow days just last week- yikes!), but I'm excited to have an easy way to mark those days when the weather turns cold again next winter! I have been using some stickers that I already had from this MAMBI seasonal sticker book, but you can find tons of weather stickers or snowflake stickers at any craft store or even make your own by drawing or stamping a snowflake onto plain labels (click here to see how I make my own planner stickers). You can also get these weather stickers or these snowflake stickers on Amazon.

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  1. I do this too! (Ok, I decorate it with a few ❄ stickers cascading down the column. I just love me some cute stickers!)