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Monday, March 26, 2018

Planner Quick Tip: sticker hack

I'm back with another "quick tip" for getting more out of your planner, but this week's tip is less about productivity and more about fun! And saving money. Sound good? Let's get to it!

I've talked before about how and why I use "functional decorating" in my planner- read more (and watch me demonstrate a ton more decorating "tips") right here. Suffice it to say, I think a certain amount of decorating actually helps me process my plans more effectively, and it most definitely makes me more motivated to use my planner regularly.

However, there are two problems that I run into with planner decorating: the cost of supplies and the space I have available on the page. This little hack for a neat way to use decorative stickers helps address both of those problems, and also makes my spreads look more beautiful in my opinion!

The idea is to use stickers to decorate the edges of the page so that they hang off the side, and then cut off the extra and use the other part of the sticker somewhere else on the page. On this page, I decorated all around the outside of the page with just two stickers- the ones circled in blue were all part of one sticker, and the ones circled in purple were part of another sticker:

I used to see pictures of decorated planner spreads with only part of the sticker and think it was such a waste. Now I know I can get the same effect but not waste any of the sticker! I also don't shy away from large stickers like I used to, because I know I can cut them into smaller pieces so I don't have to use up large chunks of space on my page- something I NEVER have with the amount of information I track! And it just makes the whole page look more cohesive in such an effortless way :)

Of course in the example above I used florals, but I've done this with snowflakes, leaves, and geometric shapes. I have a little more room to use larger stickers on my monthly calendars, but I use the same trick to decorate the even smaller space around the edges of my weekly spreads with smaller stickers as well.

I hope you enjoyed this quick "sticker hack" and that you'll try it out in your own planner spreads! If you want to see more of my planner pages, come follow me on Instagram- I post all of my weekly and monthly pages over there. And if you want to get more regular updates and ideas sent straight to your inbox, be sure to sign up for the newsletter! Click here to sign up!

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