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Monday, December 3, 2018

November Favorites 2018

It is such a helpful practice to stop and reflect on the small victories and moments of joy in our everyday lives! I have made it a habit to share my highlights each month using pictures from my Instagram account, because that's where I tend to share those little snippets from home and school most often- here are some of my "favorites" from the month of November!

1. Favorite Lessons

There are a lot of lessons I look forward to teaching each year, but one of my all-time favorites has to be the 1st grade lessons on up/down melodic motion using the book Mortimer! The students always love the story, it's a great way to get them using all of the barred instruments, and I can assess their understanding of melodic direction in so many ways while having tons of fun! If you haven't done these lessons before I highly recommend them- I can almost guarantee your local library will have a copy of the book. Here's my post with all of the lesson plans and here's a collection of all of my literature-based lessons if you're looking for more ways to use storybooks in the music room!

2. Fall Foods

One of my favorite ways to embrace fall is with all the yummy seasonal foods, especially the start of cozy warm drink season! I love filling the house with the smell of spices every time I make chai at home. If you love drinking chai tea but have never made it yourself, I think you'll be surprised how easy it is to make, and the best part is you can really customize it to your taste! I love throwing TONS of cardamom into mine :) Here's my recipe if you want to give it a shot- I promise your entire house will feel cozier while you're cooking!

3. Music Education Articles

I love sharing helpful music teaching articles I find each month- click on each picture to read the full posts! I share these each week on Facebook, not Instagram (mostly because it's easier to share links there), so if you want to see the posts I find from other authors be sure to find my Facebook page!

I hope you enjoyed this brief stroll down memory lane with me! If you want to come along on the journey ahead be sure to come follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Want to get more timely content and get a sneak peek at my lesson plans for the upcoming month? Sign up here for the Organized Chaos newsletter!

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