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Monday, December 10, 2018

Dry Erase Home Organizer

I have always told myself that organization systems only work until they don't, and that I should never become so attached to one system that I continue using it when my organizational needs have changed and my system is no longer the best way to address those needs. I realized a month or so ago that my old command center (which was perfect for me for many years) was no longer serving my needs, so I updated my system to something much more streamlined and centralized. Here's what I am using now (and loving so far)!

For those who aren't familiar with it, here's my old command center (click on the pictures for more details on how I made everything and how I use them- I still highly recommend them!):


I think the main change has been that, as my daughters have gotten older, I have gained more experience in this mothering/ household managing business, and the girls have busier schedules but are also more independent. I can whip up breakfasts and packed lunches without quite as much prompting as I used to, but coordinating each of our different schedules and making sure I'm not double or triple-booking myself has become more challenging. 

I realized that I didn't really need as many visual reminders and systems for meal planning as I used to, but I did need more help keeping track of where everyone needs to be when each day. This is where my new organizer comes in:

My new "command center" is actually just one bigger, centralized place to track schedules (and note my meal plans). Because it's all in one board (instead of smaller boards for each day like I was using before), I can note events that go over multiple days more easily too, and I have more space for each day to write all of our different crazy schedules to make sure I'm keeping track of everything in one place. 

All I did to create this was cut out strips of different scrapbook paper and stick them to the piece of paper that came inside the original frame with double sided tape, then added stickers to mark the days of the week. I actually re-used the frame I had used for my dinner meal planner for this, and I already had the stickers and paper on hand, so I spent no money at all to make it- yay for free projects!

I hope you find new inspiration to rethink your home organization systems as you look forward to the new year! Want more timely and relevant content sent straight to your inbox? Sign up here for the Organized Chaos newsletter!

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