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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Music Teacher Fireside Chat: pandemic edition

Now more than ever, it's so easy to feel alone in our situations as music teachers! Today I'm sharing something simple but so very special: a peek into life on the ground with 4 of us, all teaching elementary general music in different ways around the country! We represent full virtual teaching, posting online lessons, in the music room, on a cart, hybrid models, and everything in between- I'm betting you can relate to our experiences! If you've been wondering what it's really like for music teachers around the country right now, if your district is adjusting their model and you're feeling apprehensive about what this new way of teaching will be like, or if you've been wishing you could sit down and just chat with some music teacher besties, here's a little taste of that.

In this video I'm chatting with elementary music teachers from around the United States teaching in different modalities in the fall of 2020 as we go through the ongoing pandemic: Charissa Duncanson, who has been fully virtual teaching live online lessons, Aimee Curtis Pfitzner, who has been teaching a combination of in-person music classes in the music room and streaming into other classrooms, and Leah Riggs, who has been posting asynchronous lessons online for all of her classes. I have been teaching in a hybrid model on a cart, with distance learners joining in-person classes via zoom, so we all had lots of stories to share and thoughts to ponder! There is some great insight and advice from this conversation and lots of camaraderie from our shared experiences!

Connect with Aimee on her blog, Charissa on her website, and Leah on her Facebook page! All three are wonderful, intelligent, kind-hearted, and talented educators who I learn from every day. And be sure to stay tuned: I'll be sharing more insights from each of them with their best advice on handling their respective teaching situations next week!

In the meantime, you can always look for more ideas and resources for our current teaching situation on my pandemic teaching page:

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