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Sunday, November 1, 2020

October Highlights 2020

I'm scared to say this out loud but... I feel like I'm actually getting into some semblance of a rhythm. I'm sure as soon as I put that thought out into the world everything will be upended, but for now it is nice to feel much more settled than I have in months! Here are some of my highlights from the past month.

1. Fall Decorating

This may seem silly, but it was really refreshing to take a few hours one weekend morning and decorate the house with some fall decor. It's so easy to get caught up in the craziness of pandemic teaching and pulling my brain away from it all was so nice. My daughters spotted the squirrel at a craft store and we had to bring him home! 

2. Family Wedding

My baby sister got married! Despite all the disruptions to their original wedding plans, it was a beautiful day. And despite needing to keep everything socially distant, it was still so nice to have a small gathering of people after so little adult interaction! 

3. Blog Catchup

Missed some posts this month? Click below to catch up on your reading:


4. Music Education Posts

I love finding posts from other music teachers- I always get new ideas for my own classroom! Click below to see all of the posts I found and loved this month:

I'm not saying things are easy or great, but there is still plenty of joy to be found out there! I hope this brings you fresh inspiration- happy November!

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