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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Singing in Elementary Music

For many of us, after over a year of not being able to sing together in the same room because of the pandemic, we're finally getting back to some singing! Wow, what an incredible feeling to finally be able to sing together- it's certainly something I took so much for granted before and now realize just how important it is in my life! In honor of our return to singing, today I've compiled all of my top ideas and strategies for developing singing skills in elementary music.

Click each image below to see more details on each specific topic:

I hope this helps you find new ideas as you head back into the world of singing! We may not be fully back to singing like we were pre-pandemic, but I will take any little bit of hope I can take! If you are still completely unable to sing with your students: hang in there. We will get there! You can see my posts with ideas for teaching elementary music without singing (along with other pandemic teaching topics) here. I'm expecting to still have to be distanced and masked, and we can't sing for as long of periods as we used to or project as much as we normally would, but I'm grateful for the progress we have made. 

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