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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Five Favorite Pins of October

I'm linking up with Mrs. Miracle's Music Room to share some of my latest favorite links from Pinterest. Thanks for hosting, Aileen!

1. DIY bouncing ball sing-alongs
DIY follow the bouncing ball videos

This idea from Midnight Music is just really cool. She has very clear instructions for making your own bouncing ball videos for sing-alongs! I am thinking this would be a great resource to have for subs- students could learn a new song without needing the sub to sing it for them! 

2. Stop Motion Animation Tutorial

Easy Set-up for Stop Motion Animation with Kids |

I do a project with my 5th graders on music in video games. Last year I just had them make puppets on popsicle sticks and videotaped them "acting it out", but of course it was hard to avoid seeing their hands and the students thought it was a little dinky. This year I think I will try stop motion animation- just as easy but the results will look much more like "the real thing". PLUS I have 2 iPads this year (last year I had none), so I can have 2 groups working on it simultaneously. Score!

3. Angry Birds Rhythm Practice

Last year I used a similar video with Mario Brothers and the students (especially the boys) went absolutely nuts. The notes flash to help follow along, but the "flashing" is a little bit off. I just told the students to follow me and I pointed to the notes. Nobody seemed to really notice. They just love hearing the music and seeing the images, and feeling like they are "playing along" with video game music.

4. "Monkey Business" activity

Beth's Music Notes: Monkey Business: Monkey songs for copying and steady beat

Beth's Music Notes strikes again. I happened upon this song/game while searching for something else and it was a bit hit with my 2nd graders to review rhythms at the beginning of the year. I did it at the last minute so I didn't have time this year, but I am definitely getting a mask for headband to give the featured/leader student to look like a monkey when I do it next year. 

5. Too funny


I don't usually re-pin random funny pins- I usually just laugh to myself and move on. But come on. I seriously spit out my coffee when I saw this and I still chuckle every time I see it. That face is so perfect.

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  1. I use that Monkey song with my kindergarteners. The "monkey" sits in the teacher chair and leads the steady beat any way they want during their turn. The kids love it. I like your idea of doing it with older kids and incorporating rhythm review.

    1. I've done some similar songs that give students a chance to lead steady beat, but I liked using this one for rhythms. I also let the leader use one of few classroom instruments to lead the rhythms and that was a big hit.