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Monday, October 27, 2014

Mommy Monday: nail polish kit

Welcome back to Mommy Monday! Today I'm excited to show you how much I love this little bag that sits in my bathroom storage:

I was looking for something to corral my nail polish supplies a while back and found this little bag sitting in my parents' attic from years ago. I used to keep everything in a ziploc bag and that just got really annoying. It was way bigger than what I needed, looked ugly, and it still took forever to sift through and find what I needed. 

Just take a look at the storage compartments inside this beauty:

I love having lots of little pockets and zippered storage to keep things separated and organized. So inside this bag, I am able to keep everything I need to make my nails colorful and pretty:

I have 4 colors of nail polish in regular bottles, 3 nail polish colors in a "pen" shape, 1 clear top coat bottle, nail polish remover, and cotton swabs. The key to creating a little kit like this is to find the small, travel/sample size nail polish remover. Does anyone else get super annoyed with how large and bulky the nail polish remover bottles are? And does anyone ever actually finish one of those bottles? Those things are just waiting to be spilled on grandma's antique wooden furniture and I could never understand why the bottles were so huge. So I practically broke out in song when I saw these small ones at the grocery store! Now THAT'S reasonable. And it fits in my little bag with everything else, so I only have one thing to grab if I am changing my nail color!

Here's how it all fits in the bag:

The cotton swabs are in the zippered pocket. The nail polish bottles fit perfectly in the small little side pockets, with the pen-size ones in the larger side pocket. The nail polish remover fits right in the open space in the middle. 

And there you have it- the perfect little bag to grab any time I get the urge (and the time and energy) to paint my nails! I love having everything together so I can find things easily without cluttering up my behind-the-mirror storage or sifting through other toiletries to find what I need.

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