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Monday, January 5, 2015

Follower & Feedback Frenzy

Big news! Several of the up-and-coming music teacher sellers on TeachersPayTeachers have joined forces for an awesome giveaway!


There are lots of ways you can enter my giveaway, and you can come back and do many of them once a day if you want more entries! And don't forget to follow the links to enter the giveaways in the other stores as well- you could walk away with a TON of free stuff at the end of this week! The winner of my giveaway will get $10 worth of products from my store- just peruse my items and let me know which ones you want- and if it's something over $10 you can get $10 off the item.

We are hosting this giveaway because, as newer sellers, it can be hard to get the word out about our stores and blogs. I believe very strongly in the quality of my blog post ideas and store products, and the whole point of taking the time to post them on the internet is to share those ideas and products with other people! 

Here's a little bit about why I am asking for your follows and feedback:

TeachersPayTeachers: When you follow my store, I can communicate with you more easily. I send out notes with exclusive freebies as well as news about new and updated products. A lot of people don't see when products they have purchased have been updated- that's an important piece of information for you because you can re-download for free and get an improved or expanded product! 

When you leave feedback, not only does it help me understand how my products are being received, but it also gives future buyers helpful information and gives you credits towards your own future purchases! So that one is a no-brainer! But please, if you have a question or have a problem, contact the seller before you leave feedback (you can do this in the Q&A section). Unlike Amazon and other similar online stores, TpT encourages sellers to update products (which buyers can then re-download for free). Give the seller a chance to improve (or point you in the right direction if it's a technical issue) before marking them down! 

Pinterest: I love Pinterest. It is often my first stop when I am trying to spread the word about a new blog post or product in my store, and it is definitely my go-to for saving, searching for, and sharing other ideas I find for home, teaching, and everything else! By following me on Pinterest you will see the ideas and products I pin- not just my own stuff but the other great stuff I find. I consider myself a thoughtful pinner- I don't pin stuff without knowing that it's good- so you won't find any spam or fluffy pins from me.

Facebook: Ah Facebook. I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. I hate that Facebook decides what I want to see when, but I love that I can keep in touch with so many people from all over the world in one place! For a quick place to share links, Facebook is definitely my go-to, and I do occasional quick deals that you won't see anywhere else. Facebook has the most up-to-date information because it is by the minute. If you "like" my page on Facebook, please make sure you go to the "liked" button and click "get notifications". If I want you to see the information I post on my page I have 2 options: hope that you selected "get notifications" or post stuff A LOT. I'd rather only share stuff that I think you'll be interested in than spam your newsfeed! I may be interesting but I'm not THAT interesting LOL!

Blog: My blog is my favorite. I love the opportunity to be creative, to write, to share my ideas, and connect with other moms and music teachers. It has been a fantastic journey. I am going against the general blogging wisdom by writing about two pretty broad topics- parenting/home and music teaching- but I love both so much! I hope you will help me spread the word about my blog by sharing my blog posts or following my blog because it helps me connect with more people.

And now for the giveaway! Thank you for your support, and don't forget to go show your love to the other music sellers by visiting their links as well. I bet you will discover a new seller or two (or three...) that you love!

**The links to all my pages are at the top of my blog- just click on the icon in the top right corner.**

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you are a music blogger and want to join the Giveaway Linky party, here are the directions:

1.) Save the Giveaway picture above and include it in your blog post, with a link to this blog post.
2.) Blog about why feedback and followers are important to you.

3.) Plan your giveaway for $10 credit to your store.
4.) Click the button below and add your information!

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