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Monday, January 19, 2015

Mommy Monday: 3 ways IKEA Trones can be your home organization hero

So, a few months ago, I came across these little things called Trones at IKEA:

TRONES Shoe/storage cabinet IKEA
They are plastic shoe storage cabinets and come in sets of 3, but they are each separate so you can arrange them vertically or horizontally to fit your space. OR so you can use just one at a time instead of all 3 together. Once I saw this thing I immediately thought of this space in my girls' bedroom:

I'm almost too embarrassed to even show you this picture, but there it is- I had been keeping their pajamas in a pile on the floor because I hadn't found a good place to put them! All of their other clothes are in a hallway closet, but since they get ready for bed in their bedroom, I didn't want to put the PJ's in there, and their bedroom is pretty small so I hadn't found an easy place to put them. A little plastic cabinet that easily pulls out and could be wall-mounted sounded perfect! Anything that clears space on the floor or counters is a win for me. 

But wait a minute... what about the other 2? Once I started thinking about ways I could use the 3 cabinets in the set, my mind was spinning. It is quite possible that I will soon be going back for another set, because I have a few other places I would LOVE to put these! But for now, here are the 3 ways I have used the Trones cabinets in my home and fallen in love!

1. Pajamas and books in kid's bedroom

Remember that pile of pajamas?

Here's that space now:

I love that there's a little lip around the top so you can use it as a shelf! It is the perfect height for the girls to reach inside the cabinet, and it's also the perfect spot to keep a few of their favorite potty time books! :) The girls love it too- it's like a magic box. 

2. Toilet paper

So, I was able to solve another never-ending organization dilemma: toilet paper storage! My problem is that most toilet paper storage is too easily accessible for curious little hands, and I wanted to avoid that all-too-familiar scene with 5 rolls of paper stuffed in the toilet and 1 very guilty looking toddler. Until now, I had been keeping extra paper in my storage closet. You can imagine the awkward scenes that sometimes ensued when I was on the toilet without paper in reach, or worse, a guest! Enter the Trones:

Doesn't it just fit right in with the bathroom? And bonus: I am keeping my deodorizing spray on the shelf as well. Inside the cabinet I was able to fit all of my extra toilet paper:

Pretty sure I'm set for a while! *sigh* Isn't it wonderful?!?

3. Fruit basket/bread box/pantry

So this one was a great way to get rid of some random little things that were annoyingly taking up space on my kitchen counters, and put some of the things I use regularly from my pantry (which is around the corner from my kitchen) within reach.

Before, I had my bread and bagels over in the corner of my kitchen counter:

Not only does it take up premium space, but it looks cluttered and messy. Then there was my fruit. I had thought about getting a fruit basket for a while, but the wall-mounted ones were a lot more expensive than I wanted. So my bananas and avocados just rolled around on my kitchen counters too:

Enter my Trones, mounted on the wall next to my command center:

In addition to putting my produce on top and bread inside, I was able to get my potatoes from the pantry and move them in here too. I was a little worried they would be too heavy but so far (a few weeks in) the cabinet seems very secure!

And guys, these things are $39.99 for a set of 3. That's under $14 per cabinet. Not bad, huh? 

Of course I have a lot of ideas for making them pretty, but for now I am enjoying the freedom they have brought to my floors and countertops, and the white blends in so well with my white "rental space" walls that I may leave them plain for a while. I still hear choir angels since every time I catch sight of them! 

How would you use a Tronet cabinet in your house? Have you used one already? Leave a comment!

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