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Monday, January 8, 2018

Fresh Start 2018 Challenge: purses and bags

Welcome back to the Fresh Start 2018 Challenge!!

This is week #2 of my weekly series to try to give my home life a bit more of a New Year's kick in the pants while dealing with the reality that school is back in session and I do NOT have the time or energy for a full-on deep clean/purge. I'm making an effort this year to find small but impactful ways to make my home a priority this month. Last week I focused on closets (click here to see my post), and after doing some serious purging in my closets I thought I would stick with an easier but equally impactful project: purses and backpacks.

Remember if you're looking for a fresh start at school or home, you can download my Fresh Start Checklists for free (and they're editable!) and work at your own pace!

This week's fresh start task: clean out your bag(s) (and family members' bags)!

I'm sure I'm not the only one whose purse has collected little bags of cheerios, stray chapsticks, meeting handouts, and everything in between. Not to mention the expired or never-used membership cards and coupons hanging out in my wallet. And then of course there's my daughters' backpacks- as much as we try to clean them out every day, there are all these random little pieces of paper, pencils, and other items that seem to find their way to the bottom of the backpack! It's time to clean everything out (so that, let's face it, we have room to accumulate more unnecessary junk until the next time we do this).

Just like with the closets, my main goal here is to purge effectively but with as little time commitment as possible. Here's my plan:

  1. Empty the bag completely and clean up any messes on the bag itself
  2. Sort through everything that was in the bag and separate into 3 piles: 
    1. things to keep in the bag
    2. things to keep but put somewhere else
    3. things to throw away.
  3. Put things away in their proper place
Honestly this shouldn't be too difficult of a process- it's just a matter of setting aside the time to actually sit down and DO IT!

Bonus: I am not a huge purse person, so I don't claim to have the best system for keeping my purse organized, but I am happy enough with it and I usually have what I need. If you want to see what I tend to keep in my purse, here are some previous blog posts you can check out:

Want to join me in this Fresh Start 2018 challenge? I'm going to be posting a photo on Instagram on Sunday of what I accomplished for the challenge this week. If you want to join me, share your own pictures and include #FreshStart2018Challenge in the description. You don't have to stick to any schedule either- join me any time! The goal is to get a cleaner, more organized home without the guilt or stress.

Here's to a fresh start for the new year!

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