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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January Favorites 2018

I hope everyone has had a fantastic start to 2018- this month has definitely flown by but it has been full of some fantastic highlights at school and at home! I'm back this month to share some "favorites" of the month, and I hope you'll join me in celebrating the fun and the awesome by sharing your own favorites in the comments- it's a great way to get inspired for the month ahead!

1. My daughters' 6th birthday

I know as parents we say this all the time but HOW IN THE WORLD do I have two 6 year olds?!? Crazy. The girls chose a unicorn theme for their party and we had a lot of fun celebrating with friends and family. Definitely the highlight of the month! ;)

2. New pencils

Maybe this sounds silly but I am super excited about the new mechanical pencils I found at the Dollar  Tree over the holiday break. The students are loving them and I am just enamored with how well they match my color-coded supplies, of course! ;) I was a little worried that they would fall apart quickly but after being used for several weeks they are still in great shape- I have high hopes for these! Much easier than dealing with sharpening pencils constantly, and actually the erasers on them work really well too.

3. Fresh Start 2018 Challenge

If you've been reading and following my Monday home/life posts this month, you know that I've been putting some focused time and effort into cleaning out my house a little more thoroughly than usual. I'm trying to be realistic about the amount of time and energy I can devote to it with everything else going on, but also pick projects that will make a significant dent in the clutter. I have found it to be such a great way to stay motivated and feel good about the progress I'm making without feeling stressed or overwhelmed by it. You can read my kick-off post, where I tackled my closets, right here if you haven't already.

4. Music education blog posts

I love finding awesome music teaching-related posts to share with you each Friday on Facebook- check out the ones I found this month below if you missed any!

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