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Monday, February 12, 2018

Snow Day Activities

We have definitely had more than our fair share of snow days this year, and if my friends' comments are any indication, many people around the U.S. are having similar experiences! Yes, being able to sleep in is nice, but getting cooped up inside, especially with young children, can get old really fast! Today I've got 3 ideas for things to do with elementary-age kids when you're stuck inside on a cold winter snow day- hopefully this will help you mix things up and survive the rest of the winter without losing your mind!

1. Put on a show

A favorite at our house right now is putting on a "show"! Pick out some outrageous costumes, rehearse some choreography, add some music, create set pieces.... the possibilities are endless and we can all let our imaginations run wild. With two 6-year-old's, the stories can get pretty wacky and there's definitely a lot of improvising involved, but it's still a lot of fun! Most of the time the stuffed animals are our "audience", but sometimes I'm permitted to videotape the performance ;)

2. Watch a movie (PJ's and popcorn included)

OK, nothing revolutionary about this idea, but it's nice sometimes to scroll through Amazon video (or Netflix, or whatever else people use these days... technology...) and find a new movie you've never seen before. And of course when one watches a movie on a snow day, one must be sure to wear pajamas and have party popcorn as well (recipe here).

3. Make slime

What is it about slime that makes it so irresistible and endlessly entertaining?? There are several varieties- we like the saline solution slime and fluffy slime the best- and of course you can make them all different colors, or add beads or glitter... Here is a blog post with a great compilation of some different slime recipes to try.

So now it's your turn: what are your family's favorite snow day activities? Leave your ideas in the comments! If you want even more ideas, be sure to check out this post I wrote a few years ago on snow day activities with toddlers- many of these ideas are ones we still love now! :)

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