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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Schedule Dashboard for Teacher Planners

My schedule this year looks nothing like it ever has before, and keeping track of where I'm supposed to be when and doing what has been an unprecedented challenge! This planner addition has been a life-saver for me this fall and it has proven to be even more versatile than I ever imagined.

This year because we are on a rotational schedule where we see the same 2 grade levels for 3 weeks and then switch, my schedule is the same every single day, and I'm essentially teaching 2 lesson plans each day. So while I don't need to re-write my lesson plans for every single 2nd grade class with the same lesson plan, I do need a way to keep track of what my schedule is- I am teaching both full distance learners on zoom and in-person cohorts simultaneously, and going into different rooms around the building on a cart.

Rather than writing out my schedule each day, I wrote out the times, locations, and formats (in person, online, or both) for my classes and printed 2 copies front and back, laminated, and hole punched it so I can keep it in my planner and move it from week to week to reference. I've also been using it to keep track of my schedule during the day by sticking it to the side of my cart with a magnet. Double duty! Having it as a reference has saved me many times.

Here's a video showing it in more detail:

If you have a crazy schedule this year like mine, I highly recommend this simple DIY- I've found it so helpful! If you're looking for the planner printables I use, you can find those here. Looking for more tips and ideas for teaching in a hybrid model? You'll find lots more posts on this page:

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