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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Linky Party: Products for Prep

I'm linking up with Mrs. Miracle's Music Room for her linky party on products to prepare for another school year! Thanks for hosting Aileen! :) Click on the picture to see her wonderful blog and all the other links in the linky party- there are some fantastic products in those posts and you won't want to miss them!

For this linky party we're sharing some of our own products, as well as some from other stores, that we love for back to school prep. So let's start with mine:

Teacher Planner and Binder

If you haven't seen it yet, check out this post with a complete run-down of all the options you have for creating the teacher planner and binder set that works for you. I'm so thrilled with all the formats, design options, and add-on's available- you have to check it out! I'll just share here the teacher planner I am personally using for the second year in a row:

I love that I can plan not just my lessons for the day, but doctor's appointments, meals, and anything else for my *gasp* life outside of school on the same page. I also use the pages in my home planner, which you can get as an add-on in my store. I keep track of meals, bills, childcare, contacts, medical information, and much more in these pages- I basically have a teacher planner, life planner, and home organization binder all in one! :) 

One more that I created more recently and added to my own planner: an add-on just for music teachers! This has been my most popular add-on in my store and I am excited to use it personally because not only does it have seating charts galore, recorder karate record-keeping sheets, and IEP at a glance sheets, but it has the most wonderful planning sheets for the new national music standards! I was going cross-eyed trying to look at those new standards. This is so much easier for me to comprehend, and I can use it to plan to integrate them into my yearly plans and track when I assess the students as well.

Did I mention these are all available in 6 different designs? Yes, they are. So much fun.

OK, now on to something I love from another store! Have you seen these yet? Because they were my silver bullet last year:

                                                        Musical Happy Notes
I'm already planning a blog post about how I use them, but basically it gives you a chance to single out a student by "catching them being good", like a star student of the day. ALL of my kids young and old ate it up, and I loved being able to give specific, individual, positive reinforcement. I think planning your behavior management strategy is one of the most important things to prepare each year. It's so much more effective when you know exactly what you're doing on the first day of school so that you can enforce consistent rules and procedures right from the start.

Another important thing to think about: posters! I love this set from Sara Bibee and so do my students:

                                        Elements of Music- Anchor Charts- Printable Posters!

They are clear, cute, concise, and comprehensive. I added them to my walls mid-year last year and the students started using them right away (and they would tell me that they got it from the new posters too!). Love it.

OK, I hope these products inspire you to get organized and ready for the new school year! Don't forget about the sale on TpT August 4th and 5th- this is definitely the best time to check out all the awesome stuff!


  1. Love your blog title! "Chaos" is the name of one of my sight singing lessons for middle school!

    1. Thanks Dale! Chaos seems to be a common theme for teachers ;)