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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back to School Sale!

There are so many options to customize the perfect planner to fit your needs in my TeachersPayTeachers store! Use the guide below to get an idea of what's available and find the perfect planner to fit your needs.

Your planner format
Click on the picture to see all the planners in that planning format, or click on the categories on the left side menu in my store.

Dated, 5 blocks (write in your plans according to the order you teach them- 5 spaces per day)

Dated, 6 blocks (same as above, but with 6 spaces per day)

Dated, BIG blocks (same as above, but with planning space optimized by showing only week days)

Rotation, K-5 with 2 each (write your lessons by rotation, with space for each grade K-5 twice per rotation)

Rotation, K-5 plus with 1 each (plan by rotation, with space for K-5 plus 1 additional class each rotation)

Your Design
All of the planners are available in each of the designs shown below. Click on the picture or click the category in the left side menu of my store to see all the products available in that design.

*UPDATE: this design has been retired. 
Previous purchases can still be downloaded under "my purchases".



Ink-Saver (inside pages have a blank background- no music notes or color)


Rainbow Chevron

Your Add-on's
There are some really awesome add-on's available in the store. Most of them are available in all the different design formats too, so you can create a cohesive, all-in-one planner to keep you organized all year long! Click on the links below to see them in my store, or see them all under the "add-ons" category in the left side menu of my store page.

Planner Covers (like the ink-saver format but not keen on the cover? Get 17 different cover designs for a buck! You could change your cover to match the season or your mood throughout the year with that many!)

Spine Labels (editable spine labels in 1", 1.5", and 2" sizes to match the 17 cover designs)

Music Teacher MEGA Bundle (includes 12 different seating charts options, planning sheets for the new national music standards K-6, recorder karate recording sheets, performance planner, and IEP at a glance sheets to manage important IEP information. Each of the components are also available separately)

Teacher Entrepreneur Bundle (includes planning sheets for TeachersPayTeachers records (which includes the newly added EDITABLE font records sheet where you can type in samples of each font), blogging, Pinterest tracking, and DonorsChoose projects. Each of the components are also available separately)

Home Planning (these are the sheets from my personal planner for organizing your home life- with sheets for Special Occasions, Contacts, Cleaning Checklist, Kitchen Unit Conversions, Recipes, Childcare Information, Takeout Numbers, Utilities/Bills Information, Medical Information, and Journaling)

Goal Setting Worksheets (use these worksheets to set goals for yourself and find your focus, so you can better juggle your many responsibilities without taking away from the things that matter most)

I hope this helps you find the perfect planner and binder set to fit your needs this year! If you have any questions, please leave me a comment. And as always, if you have a request or suggestion for a tweak or addition, please let me know- I am happy to make it for you and there is probably at least one other person that would love to use the same thing that you are thinking of!

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