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Monday, August 11, 2014

Mommy Monday: reusable pouches

So you know those pouches? Yeah you do. Those super-overpriced-but-somehow-I-keep-buying-them ones.


It's amazing how the combination of  organic produce and convenient packaging can lure us in... am I right? While I am pretty certain that all parents with children under the age of 3 have heard of these pouches, you may or may not have heard about the reusable ones. There are quite a few options out there, but this is the one I have:

Basically the bottom of the pouch is like a ziploc bag so you can fill it up with whatever you want! When I first bought these almost 2 years ago I had high aspirations of creating smoothie concoctions equally delicious and healthy to the store-bought ones. In reality, I mostly fill them with yogurt or apple sauce straight out of the giant container. BUT they are still really awesome. It's another way to save money and save the planet by using less packaging! (Also as a sidenote: they came in really handy when one of my girls needed to take powdered medicine for a while- mixed it with applesauce, put it in the pouch, and she chugged it!)

My main problem? Keeping up with all the pouches and caps. At first I was just throwing them in one of the kitchen cabinets, but it's really hard to get what you need because the pouches are flat and floppy, and the little caps have a way of disappearing.

My solution: a jewelry organizer.

I have the pouches in the two side-by-side compartments in the back, and all my caps in the drawer. It works perfectly! Since the pouches stand upright I can find what I need and pull it out quickly, and the caps all stay contained in their little drawer. And if I am being super-mom and making a bunch ahead of time, I can pull out the whole thing and set it on the counter so I can fill and go.

Have you used reusable pouches? Where do you keep them?

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