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Friday, August 15, 2014

Simple Stuff: duct tape!

Today I'm linking up with Yellow Brick Road's linky party to talk about a simple item that I use in my classroom. Don't forget to checkout the other entries in the party and check out her blog while you're there- she's got some great stuff!

So if you have been following me much at all it will come as no surprise to you that I am talking about duct tape! I have duct tape all over my classroom at this point. It's kindof ridiculous.

Because my room is carpeted, I can't use floor tape to mark lines on the floor, and although I tried the velcro idea one time I found that the students picked at them all the time and it was more distracting than helpful. But with duct tape, I'm able to get it down on the floor and for the most part, it stays all year! I know the custodians hate me for it but they did an awesome job cleaning it all up this past summer. Just so I could put more down again. Mwahaha... (Shout out to Joe and John. I'm truly sorry.)

The beauty of duct tape is that is comes in so many colors and patterns, and it is readily available for a relatively cheap price. Quick tip: don't buy the same color in multiple sizes just because you want some skinny pieces and some fat pieces. Just cut/tear the tape vertically. You will save so much money that way and it's really not hard to do.

If you haven't seen my post explaining how I use duct tape to color-code my seating, circle spots, and supplies, go check out this post:

I also shared some more ways I am using duct tape in my post in my classroom setup, including my incentive chart:

And my line guide, to show students where to line up at the end of class:

Click on the image below to see my entire post on my classroom setup for 2014-2015:

The possibilities are almost endless!

Have you used duct tape in your classroom? How? I'd love to hear more ideas! Leave me a comment! :)

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  1. Thanks for linking up Elizabeth! I love your minion line. I can practically hear all those little minions chatting away :)