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Monday, June 1, 2015

Mommy Monday: a mirror for the shorties

I made a small update to our bathroom this week and it has made my 3-year-old girls so happy! It took me about 30 seconds and cost $1. Presenting: the girls' own bathroom mirror!

Last week I shared my girls' current set of chores, which includes personal grooming like washing hands, brushing teeth, and combing hair. I usually do those things right along with them, and I realized that they often saw me looking at myself in the mirror while fixing my hair, for example, and wanted me to hold them up so they could see themselves in the mirror. You can see my mirrored cabinets above the sink in the photo- it is way too high for the girls to see, even with their step stools and lots and lots of stretching! It took me a few weeks but it eventually hit me that they would enjoy having their own mirror so they can see themselves in the bathroom like I do. Duh, but it's amazing how often I fail to see the world from their perspective!

Anyway, I already had a dollar store mirror on hand (I had planned to use it for another project long ago- it didn't work out...), so I pulled it out to try to figure out how to mount it in the bathroom. In my case, I have a little ledge where the mirror can rest perfectly, but if I didn't have that I would just use some command strips made for the bathroom (trust me, you can't use regular command hooks/strips in the bathroom- I've tried multiple times. sigh.).

And there you have it! My girls absolutely LOVE being able to see themselves without help, just like Mommy. And I love watching them grin every time they catch a glimpse of their reflections- too cute!


  1. Good idea! It reminds me of me and my sister. We only had one bathroom in the house, and we both had to get ready for school in the mornings at the same time. Even though she was four years older than me, I quickly passed her in height. So I would stand far back from the mirror, using the upper half to see. She would stand up close and use the lower half. The high school years were especially rough in that situation ;)

    1. Ha! I totally remember doing the same thing with my sisters from time to time!