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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Teacher Tuesday: powerpoint basics to customize printables

If you have been downloading teacher files from TeachersPayTeachers or other websites, you may have noticed that more and more of them, even if they are worksheets or printables, are PowerPoint files. When I first started buying files on TpT I thought it was weird- why not just make it a PDF or Word file- it's not something I'm going to be showing in a slideshow presentation! But after spending some time in the world of digital file creation I have learned the wonders of PowerPoint and why they are the perfect way to give teachers as much flexibility as possible in editing and personalizing the file while still using great graphics (and keeping them secure to follow copyright laws)!

The perfect example is my new line of Music Teacher Entire Life Planners. Last year I made all my planners in PDF form only, but this year I have included PowerPoint versions as well. Why? Because with the PowerPoint version, you can add and remove pages, change the order, add text or pictures, and combine documents very easily with software that most people already have on their computers! I've put together a quick video with some examples of the many ways you can customize and edit files in PowerPoint, using one of my Entire Life Planner files as an example. (Don't be scared- these are easy to follow for even the computer-challenged!)

I hope you learned a new trick or two from this video! There are so many ways you can customize printables, worksheets, and other documents for your classroom in PowerPoint.

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