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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Teacher Tuesday: small goals for June

For today's Teacher Tuesday I'm linking up with my good friend Jennifer from The Yellow Brick Road. She had a great idea to share some small goals for the month of June, and it fits in well with what I was planning to share with you anyway- perfect time for a linkup! Click on the picture to see the goals that other music teachers have shared and get inspired!

OK, so keep in mind that the point of this post is to share small goals for things I want to accomplish this month, and the month is already half over...

Seriously. I have one more week of school left, and I'm not trying to be funny when I say my goal is to survive. We have had major behavior challenges this school year and all of the teachers, staff, and students are exhausted. We have worked hard to make changes, and I have some big ideas for ways to improve things for our building next year, but with summer vacation approaching everyone is a little crazy right now. If I can keep everyone unharmed, and maybe even relatively happy, I will feel I have achieved something great.

Maybe this is getting a little personal but there, I said it. June 21st is father's day, and that is not an easy day to celebrate as a single mom- it's easy for me to focus on everything I feel the girls are missing out on. My own father continues to inspire me more and more, and he has been dealing with a lot of difficult things these last few months with incredible strength and dignity, so my plan to achieve this goal is to focus on him. I love you Daddy!

Ever since I printed and put together my new teacher planner/home management binder for next school year I have been DYING to finish it and fill it out! Some things I have to take from my old planner and transfer it to the new one (like the plastic covers and Arc rings) and the filling out part takes time that I really don't have until the school year is over. Once I'm done though, you can bet this will be one of my first projects! I'll be posting an update once it's all put together (get ready- you're going to be hearing a lot about my planner this summer from this planner addict), but you can see the progress setting it up so far here and a tour of the (mostly unfilled) inside here

Don't forget to go check out all the other linkups for June, and if you'd like to share your own goals for the month, leave a comment! Happy Summer!

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  1. Thanks for linking up! Our school always struggled with discipline, especially during the last week. Somehow, we always managed to make it :)